Anxiety is the Worst


Anyone that’s ever had anxiety knows it’s the fucking worst. Let your friend or person you care about know you’re there for them, when it feels like they’re alone.

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Anyone that’s ever experienced anxiety, knows it fucking sucks.

That’s why I made this card. It’s the card I would want when I’m having a hard time with my anxiety and it’s taking over. The outside is funny because it’s sooo true and the inside lets the person know you’re there for them, even if you don’t “get it.”

The inside reads:

“I wish I could release you from the prison of your own thoughts,
but I’m sorry I don’t have the key.

Know that while you’re looking for it, I’ll be understanding, caring, compassionate and of course…
there for you.”

There’s space for you to say more, or you can leave it at that. Either way, they will know you’re thinking of them and recognise what they’re going through isn’t easy.


SIZE: Standard A6
PACKAGING: White envelope (C6) (Plastic isn’t used for ECO reasons)
SHIPPING: Ships in rigid mailer


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