Lindsey Mineff


Hi there! I’m Lindsey and I’m the director, plus… (insert here odd jobs that a small business owner does, I do those too). I’ve been running Hardcopy Cartel since 2016 and it’s gone through a lot of little phases. When it comes down to it, though, my values have always remained the same: passion for people. The happiness of people is my number one priority and there’s a lot of different ways I want to make that happen.

Branding is my speciality. I work one on one with creatives who are looking for something that is a little out of the ordinary. Who do I mean when I say creatives? I mean podcasters, copywriters, hobbyist’s, photographers, interior designers, authors, potters, painters, and candle stick makers. The people who don’t fit the “clean” look, and instead want the “fun, creative, a little out there” look that’s still authentic to them and their brand. I want to create your best branding – logo design, submark, branding board, business cards, email signature, please follow the links to learn a little more on what they each mean from my blog posts.

Sometimes, corporates can be creatives in disguise. I work with brands like BP, who traditionally are very “corporate,” but wanted something different for what could easily have been a boring document. Corporates don’t have to be boring, and I find it exciting to challenge their thinking and look at an annual report from a different angle. BP Project

The other way I’m passionate about people are through my card line, Greeting Cards for Situations that Suck. They’re funny on the outside, but heartfelt on the inside. I started them because of my experience with anxiety when I first started my company. I had a fairly real and traumatic experience with a client that lead to me spiralling into severe anxiety. I told friends and family, but felt like their responses weren’t really the right thing to say. This got me thinking, where are the cards for this kind of thing? And it went from there… I also have a more recent line I created for new mothers. Again, thinking about the mental reality that is motherhood I felt like there weren’t enough “real talk” cards out there. 10% of sales from my honest motherhood cards go toward COPE, a non-profit helping new parents.

I’m in the process of trying other ways to use my graphic design skills for the greater good, and more on that coming soon! If you have something you’re working on or would like to work together on idea, I’m always up for a collaboration, email me and let’s make something happen!