Getting out from the boring

Branding doesn’t need to be boring! It should be fun, exciting and breath life into everything you do! I’m here to make that happen for you. I design your logo, find the perfect font, the right colours, and bring it all together to give your brand a personality of its own.

Once you have all that awesomeness, I roll it out it across the board, bringing that personality into all your collateral; your business cards, your automated emails, email signature, and social media.

Your brand deserves to be heard. I can give it a voice.

Let’s get loud!

Hi, I'm Lindsey!

I love drawing, I love cats, and I love the 50’s. You can find a little bit of “me” sprinkled all through out our branding and that’s what I’m about. I want to practice what I preach, by being real and authentic and reflecting that in my own brand.

So, here’s a true story: A few years ago when I started this company I was going for a “Swiss corporate” look, because that was what I thought people wanted. People felt the disconnect. Here I was, this tattooed, funky haired, dressed like a 50’s house wife person whose portfolio looked “corporate.” It didn’t add up and it didn’t feel right to me either.

So, I scrapped it and made Hardcopy Cartel what you see now. The positive feedback has been unbelievable and this is what I want for you and your company. You know the words and emotions that you want people to feel when they interact with your brand. Let me take those and create for you that visual voice, that says it all.

You can find out more about my journey here.

Packages for 2024


A great package to cover all your bases. These are all the branding elements you’d need to get started. It’s the perfect branding package for a new business.

+ Logo design (2 directions)

+ Branding board outlining colours, fonts & consistent design elements

+ Logo Submark

+ Business card design with print ready files

+ Email signature

$1100 Investment


If this is a rebrand, this a great package for you. You get an additional direction to choose from, a more thorough style guide, a brand clarity session, images with logo embedded for two social media platforms AND you have full copyright of the designs.

✓ Logo design (+3 directions)

✓ Style guide ( (+) introduction to the brand, logo usage rules, fonts & styling, colour breakdowns)

✓ Logo submark

✓ Business card design with print ready files

✓ Email signature

+ 30 min 1:1 brand clarity session

+ Social media images with logo embedding (x2 platforms)

+ Commercial Use License (You own the copyright)

$1900 Investment


The package to end all packages. This will cover ALL of your design needs for at least the first year with your new branding.

✓ 30 min 1:1 brand clarity session

✓ Logo design (3 directions)

✓ Style guide (introduction to the brand, logo usage rules, fonts & styling, colour breakdowns)

✓ Logo submark

✓ Business card design with print ready files

✓ Email signature

✓ Social media images with logo embedding (x2 platforms)

✓ Commercial Use License (You own the copyright)

+ 1x A4 trifold brochure with sourced images (if needed)

+ 1x Document of choice, up to 6 pages – options are: proposal document, white pages, introductory to the company for funding, etc. (to be discussed)

+ 1x 9 image grid layout example to follow for Instagram

+ 1x Choice of:
Sticker Design / Double Sided Postcard / 1 sided A4 flyer

$2900 Investment

A La Carte

Business Collateral

Business Card

Email Signature

Sticker Design

Double Sided Postcard

1 sided A4 flyer

A4 Trifold Brochure

A4 Infographic design

A5 Booklet Design (5-8 pages)

White Page Document (10-12 pages)

Case Study Document (10-12 pages)

Proposal Document (10-12 pages)

Annual Report (10-12 pages)

Cafe / Restaurant / Bar Collateral

Signage (plus 1 Package)

Menu Design

Take away bag (plus 1 Package)

Take away cup (plus 1 Package)

Take away container (plus 1 Package)


  • I will work with your chosen packaging company.
  • Packaging Design of 2 or more products can be bundled at a discounted rate.
  • Please request a quote for any product packaging not listed.

Creatives Business Collateral

Clothing Tag Design

Gift Card Design

Etsy Banner Page Design

Book Cover Design

Poster Size Market Stall Sign Design
(based off provided design guide) $450

Poster Size Market Stall Sign Design
(including chosen package) $350

Pull Up Banner Design
(based off provided design guide) $650

Pull Up Banner Design
(including chosen package) $450 

Also Available for:

  • Textile – pattern creation
  • Custom illustrations
  • You name it! I’m always looking to collaborate on projects!

Brand Naming Package

The following is provided in the naming process

  • A brief needs to be filled out first (questions that help my copywriter better understand the company, what you want it “say”, what it’s about etc)
  • Professional research into names
  • 10 name options given that are not yet registered in Australia and have the available. (.com availability as well is an additional $500)
  • The “Why” is included in the options to help you better understand the meaning.
  • 5 more options can be given if first 10 are not fitting, but only after detailed feedback is given on how they have not met those needs.

Total cost for naming


But I Want it NOW!

As Veruca Salt once said, “Let’s be friends… BEST friends!” But more like client – designer best friends 😀 I want to really immerse myself in your brand and design up some great collateral for you! I can best do that with a monthly retainer plan. Let me become your on-demand creative. I’ll design what you need, when you need it.

The Benefits

You are my numero uno client! As a retainer client, you cut straight to the front of the line. You can expect less than a 72 hour turn around on any work received from you (within reason of course, I do need to eat, sleep, ya know.. the usual being alive sort of things).

Discounted Design Rates

Without a retainer, my normal hourly rate starts at $100AUD for design, but your rate as a retainer client is $80AUD. No more fiddly agreements to sign for each individual project and no more per project cost. 

What You Get

You get me! At your design service! (Doesn’t include branding design)

How We Start Working Together

You first send me a message and say “Lindsey, I’m ready to do the damn thing! Sign me up!” (more or less) I send you a contract, outlining terms we agree on, and you pay the full retainer amount at the time of the contract signing. As services are used, time is deducted from the pre-paid retainer. All work performed is itemised after each task is complete to show you where your monies are going. THAT’S IT! We’re doing the thing!

All retainer plans must have a minimum of 5 hours. 
Leftovers? Overages?
Mmmm… leftovers…
I’ll let you know the up-to-date status of your retainer hours when you ask and if you’re 2 hours away from going over, I’ll give you the heads up. If you have extra hours, no worries! You can roll over up to two hours into the next month. 
Need more time? Fear not! If, for example, you have a 10 hour retainer, but you need 15 hours worth of work in a given month, I’ll bill you the additional 5 hours, but it will be at my normal hourly rate. 

Let's do the damn thing!

Ready to get this ball rolling and make your wildest branding dreams come true? Excellent. I’m ready to make that happen for you too. Let’s do this!

Still Here...?

Q&A with Lindsey


If you can dream it, I can make it happen. I’ve designed book covers, apps, web pages and more. I also collaborate with others, so if you already have a web designer, I’m happy to work with them. What you see listed are my top products. Please contact me at: for a custom quote for your unique project.

I also work very closely with an amazing group of creatives I trust. We often work in collaboration on projects that are outside our expertise.


I ask for 50% before we begin your project and 50% before the final files are delivered. If the project is less than $500, I ask for full payment up front. This can be paid via Credit Card or direct deposit. When adding items from my A La Carte options, that can be discussed at the time. Want to know more on why good design is an investment? I have a blog post about it here HOW MUCH SHOULD BRANDING COST?


Once I’ve established your needs, I will send over the design proposal, T&C’s, and contract. The proposal will include an invoice for the first payment, the expected timeline, and what you can expect from working with me. Once the deposit has been paid and the contract’s been signed, I get to know you a bit better. Depending on your project type, I will either have a 1:1 phone call or a questionnaire will be sent to you to go over your brands in’s and out’s. I also ask you to send a few examples of design styles you like. (if you aren’t sure, I may send some examples of directions I have in mind). Once I have an excellent understanding of you and your company, I hit pen to paper, mouse to screen, and turn design ideas to reality!

I send you these design concepts and give you the opportunity for feedback (typically via email). Based on feedback, I then tweak here and there. Once approved and the final invoice is paid, I send you the digital and print ready files. Then we all get bubble teas to celebrate, because you have yourself some brand spanking new branding!


This will depend on your needs. If you have a specific deadline, please let me know before hand. As an example a logo typically takes between 10 days and 3 weeks from start to finish (depending on how quickly feedback is given). I’m happy to accelerate your design for a small fee.


All of my designs are created by me. If you’re looking to have anything done that goes beyond my skill set, I always source locally, in Melbourne, Australia. I work very closely with a web designer, copy writer and app developer – together we are CRUX – a creative collective of professionals.


Awesome! Time to do this thang! Email me at or go to my contact page, tell me what you’re after and I’ll lock-in your branding session.

I work in collaboration with

Let's do the damn thing!

Ready to get this ball rolling and make your wildest branding dreams come true? Excellent. I’m ready to make that happen for you too. Let’s do this!