Project Details

  • Client: Pikket
  • Tasks: Concept, Design, Development & Naming
  • Story: Jensen and his team were wanting branding and naming for their new app for new home buyers. Myself and my copywriter first presented to them 8 options to choose from for the naming for their new app. They chose Pikket – like a picket fence that goes in front of a home & the app is helping you “pick it,” your new house. Once we worked out the name I created the branding keeping in mind simplicity, home, warmth and trust. This is a full example of how I presented the concepts to them and the level of professionalism you can expect when working with me. I want you to see how it will look in white, how it will look in colour, what your colour options are, the break down of the meaning behind the design and an example of how it might be used.

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